Right now there is a historic opportunity to permanently protect more than one million acres of your public lands in the California desert with an Antiquities Act designation. The heart of the Mojave Desert needs YOUR voice! Sign the petition.Share the beauty.Help protect this heroic landscape today!http://www.wildlandsconservancy.org/monuments.html #MojaveTrails #MonumentsForAll #LiveMonumental #ProtectCADesert

Posted by The Wildlands Conservancy on Saturday, October 3, 2015

Collective Hunch was hired to produce two videos for a critical Wildlands Conservancy outreach campaign on the eve of an historic vote to preserve large swaths of the southern California desert. These videos were seen by over 100k people in a few shot weeks, and the legislation passed.

The Mojave Trails National Monument will preserve 941,000 acres of Bureau of Land Management land in California's most beloved desert and protect a major landscape linkage between Joshua Tree National Park and Mojave National Preserve.

Collective Hunch for The Wildlands Conservancy

• Producer, Director, & Aerials  Zachary Fink
• Editor  Matthew Beighley