Last Friday, President Obama designated three new national monuments in the California desert, a 1.8-million-acre landscape of mountain ranges, lava flows, Joshua trees and sand dunes that nearly doubles the amount of public land he has protected as president. 

We at Collective Hunch are particularly proud of our friends at The Wildlands Conservancy who helped spearhead the effort. TWC's founder called Obama's designation "the pinnacle of a fifteen-year effort to preserve the physical heart of the Mojave Desert for conservation, recreation, and unparalleled inspiration."

Collective Hunch is honored to have played a small role in this victory, by producing two short videos that helped raise awareness about The Wildlands Conservancy's efforts in the Southern California Desert. You can check them out below.

Read about the designation in The New York Times



Right now there is a historic opportunity to permanently protect more than one million acres of your public lands in the California desert with an Antiquities Act designation. The heart of the Mojave Desert needs YOUR voice! Sign the petition.Share the beauty.Help protect this heroic landscape today! #MojaveTrails #MonumentsForAll #LiveMonumental #ProtectCADesert

Posted by The Wildlands Conservancy on Saturday, October 3, 2015
Sand To Snow National Monument

"Every child has a right to connect to nature and when we don't preserve space that allows that child to connect to nature, then we've denied that child a civil right." -Charles Thomas, Youth Programs Manager, National Park Service. Sand to Snow National Monument will preserve public lands in the heart of inland Southern California, ensuring the opportunity for urban kids to connect to nature now and for generations to come. Sign the petition. Spread the word. Support Sand to Snow National Monument today at #Sand2Snow #MonumentsForAll #LiveMonumental

Posted by The Wildlands Conservancy on Sunday, October 4, 2015