The Rescue List

Feature length documentary in production


THE RESCUE LIST is a riveting coming of age story set in a hidden rehabilitation shelter in Ghana.
After teenaged Peter is freed from modern-day slavery working in the brutal fishing industry on Lake Volta,
he asks his rescuers to return for his best friend Teye - setting in motion a gripping journey that changes the boys’ lives forever.

The Rescue List - Synopsis

Stephen Addo, a commanding Ghanaian man in his thirties, surveys the horizon from the bow of a large wooden boat, navigating the northern reaches of Ghana’s Lake Volta - the largest manmade lake in the world. Drawing up alongside a roughly carved canoe carrying two young boys hauling in fishing nets, Stephen strikes up a conversation. Suspecting the children are enslaved, Stephen and his team head for the boys’ village, hoping to add their names to THE RESCUE LIST: the group of children Stephen is intent on freeing from slavery. Stephen’s own childhood was stolen on Lake Volta, though as a teenager, he escaped. Now, Stephen is part of a Ghanaian team dedicated to freeing and rehabilitating trafficked children, and eventually reuniting them with their families.

Back at the safe-house for rescued children, twelve year-old Edem is having trouble focusing in class. He’s haunted by the memory of his best friend who died on the lake. The social workers come up with a new approach to therapy that could help him come to terms with his loss.

Meanwhile, 17 year old Peter is struggling to learn to read. He’s burdened by a sense of responsibility to help to his best friend Teye, whom he left behind, and whom he worries is suffering at the hand of their master.

When Stephen shows up and tells the kids his team is going on a another rescue mission, Peter asks Stephen to rescue Teye, and Stephen adds Teye's name to the rescue list, setting in motion a journey that will change both boys lives forever.

Through a vérité, character-driven approach, The Rescue List intimately observes the rescue mission’s unfolding drama alongside a moving portrait of Peter and Edem's recovery and journey home. By doing so, the film tells a cinematic story of friendship and courage that transcends the trope of victimhood to illustrate what it means to love, persevere, and survive.