Alyssa Fedele is a documentary film producer, director, and editor. She produced and edited the short documentary film, THE RIDE OF THEIR LIVES, for Amazon’s documentary series THE NEW YORKER PRESENTS (released Feb 2016). Directed by critically acclaimed filmmaker Steve James, the film premiered at Sundance in January 2016, and is being developed into a feature documentary.

Alyssa is currently a resident at the San Francisco Film Society's FilmHouse and is a recipient of the San Francisco Film Society Documentary Film Fund for The Rescue List. Alyssa has produced for National Geographic Channel, Amazon Studios, and Facebook. She directed the 2011 award-winning documentary film, Family of the Wa'a.

Alyssa has an MA in visual anthropology from the University of Manchester. Her background in anthropology and ethnographic filmmaking gives her a unique skill-set to connect with subjects and build cross-cultural understanding in her films.

All of Alyssa's work is anchored in her belief that a powerful story, well told, has the potential to inspire positive change.