Camera packages


• Sony FS7 with Timecode Extension Back
• Zacuto VCT Pro Baseplate / Shoulder Mount (V2)
• Shape FS7 Handgrip extension
• 6x IDX Duo C98, 96Wh V-Lock batteries
• 4x 128GB XQD Cards
• Zacuto Gratical Eye with Axis Mini Support
• SmallHD 503 On-Camera Monitor
• Onboard Shotgun Mic

• Fujinon 19-90 t2.9 Cabrio Cine Zoom with PL Mount Adapter, 15mm rods, Lens Support, Sunhood with ND filter

• Sachtler Carbon Fiber Speedlock Tripod with Sachtler DV 12SB Fluid head (supports up to 33 lbs)

• Wireless Director’s Monitor with SmallHD Focus 7 Bolt Wireless and Teradek 500XT 


Interview Lighting $250/day

• Joker 800 with 5 foot Octobox or 1x3 LED Light Panels
• Interview Grip Package including stands, flags, 4x4 frames, etc

Vérité Audio $150/day

• 2 Lectrosonics Wireless Transmitter/Receiver Package with Lavalier Mics

Interview Audio $150/day

• 1 wired or Lectrosonics wireless lav
• 1 Sennheiser or Octava Shotgun Mic on a Boom Pole with Stand
• Sound Devices MixPre-3 or Direct to Camera Audio

B-Camera $400/day

• Additional Sony FS7 Camera Package

DJI Mavic Pro 2 - $300/day

• Operated by FAA Part 107 Certified Pilot
• Includes $1M drone liability insurance

Ronin-S Gimbal with A7SII $250/day

• Gimbal package with A7SII Camera and Lens

All Gear

All Gear



SONY PXW-FS7 (2) $500/day

• XDCA-FS7 Extension Unit for FS7
• Zacuto VCT Pro Base Plate V2
• Shape FS7 Handle adapter
• Zacuto Gratical Eye Viewfinder with Axis Mini
• Metabones Canon EF Speedbooster
• V-Lock batteries and charger
• 4x 128GB XQD Cards

SONY A7SII $125/day

• 6 Batteries
• Cage and Rhode Microphone
• Metabones Canon EF Adapter


• 4 Batteries
• Various Mounts


Fujinon 19-90mm Cabrio PL T/2.9 Cine Zoom $400/day

• Sony PL > E mount adapter
• 15mm Rods and Lens Support
• Servo handgrip kit included upon request

Zeiss Milvus EF Prime Lens Kit $100/day

• 35mm f2.0 / 50mm f1.4 / 100mm macro f2.0

EF Zoom Lens Kit $100/day

• Tamaron 15-30mm f2.8 IS
• Sigma Art Lens 24 - 105mm IS f4
• Canon 70 - 200mm IS II f2.8


Wireless Director’s Monitor Kit $200/day

• Teradek Bolt 500 XT transmitter (SDI and HDMI compatible)
• SmallHD Focus 7 Bolt 500 Monitor with shoulder strap and batteries - Teradek receiver is built-in

Teradek 500 XT $200/day

• Teradek Bolt 500 XT transmitter and receiver
• Wireless video monitoring with 500 ft range
• SDI and HDMI compatible

SmallHD 503 $100/day

• Daylight viewable 5” monitor with v-mount battery plate
• SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs
• D-tap to lemo power cable
• Sunhood and cage available


Sachtler DV 12SB Fluid head $100/day

• Carbon fiber Speedlock tripod with 100mm bowl
• Supports 2-33 lbs (1-15 kg)

FSB8t Fluid head $75/day

• Carbon fiber Flowtech tripod with 75mm bowl
• Supports 2-22 lbs (1-10 kg)

DJI Ronin-S Gimbal $150/day

• Handheld gimbal for Sony A7SII and similar cameras

Kessler Pocket Jib $200/day

• 8 foot reach
• Includes 45 lbs of counter weight

Microdolly $150/day

• 13 ft of straight track and 15 ft of curved track

Lighting and grip

Joker 800 $250/day

• HMI Par Light
• 60" octagonal softbox

1x3 LED Panels (Package of 2) $200/day

• (2) 1x3 ft LED lightcloth Bi-Color
• Softboxes with grids

Astra $100/day

• Litepanels Astra 1x1 Bi-Color

Aladdin A-Lite $50/day

• Small Battery-Powered Bi-Color LED light

Tungsten Package $100/day

• Arri 750+ Tungsten Light with 48” rectangular softbox
• (2) Lowell Pro 150w Lights

Grip Package $150 day

• 6 Light stands, 2 C-Stands, 4 Arms
• (2) 4x4 Chimera Frames with silk, black/white, silver bounce
• (1) 6x6 Chimera Frame with silk, black/white
• Matthews Road Rags (18x24") with single/double scrim, 2 flags, silk
• 10 Sandbags
• Manfrotto Magic Arm, Cardellini Clamp, Super Clamp, Gobos, Pony Clamps, Duvetyne
• Rock-N-Roller Cart


Lectrosonics Wireless Kit $200/day

• (1) Dual channel SRB wireless receiver
• (2) Wireless SMQv bodypack transmitters
• (2) Countryman B6 lav mics
• (2) Sanken COS-11 lav mic

Sony Wireless Kit $150/day

• (1) Dual receiver
• (2) Bodypack transmitters
• (1) Shotgun transmitter
• (2) Countryman B6 lav mics

Shotgun Microphones $50/day

• Sennheiser 416 or Oktava MK12
• K-Tek carbon fiber boom pole

Sound Mixer-Recorder $50/day

• Sound Devices MixPre-3
• Sony battery sled and batteries

All equipment comes packed in Pelican flight cases, ready for local, domestic, or international productions